7 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Moving Company

Moving to Jacksonville is a thrilling moment and something worth preparing for. It"s as exciting as picking any real estate property in the market. This event also means that you need to hire a moving company in Jacksonville to get things done more especially if you have a large household.

An important step in hiring movers is to ask them the right questions. However, what questions would you ask to make sure that you"re hiring the right people? Here are some issues that you need to take note of and the answers you expect to hear.

How long has the company been operating?

A terrible moving company would not survive to stay long in business. If it"s been running for a decade or more, it"s a pretty good sign While you"re at it, you can ask how often they do relocations in a year – the more, the better. This means that they are proficient at moving and they have clients to sustain their business.

How do they come up with their costs?

A good moving company would be able to explain well without the confusing terminologies of the industry. As a customer, it"s your right to know the exact items you are paying for. Take this opportunity as well to ask if any extra charges would show up aside from the estimated cost. Most people would complain about this aspect so make sure that any hidden charges are stated on the contract.

Another thing that you need to ask is how long have they been giving out estimates. If they are experienced, it would not be a problem for them to tally the overall costs. Newbies in the industry might not give you a precise estimate and may end up confusing you.

Do you have the right equipment?

This pertains to not only the size of the moving truck but also all the other hoisting equipment that your move may require. If you can visit the office or location, you might be able to see their actual gear. However, if they hire sub-contractors, make sure to check their background.

When will my stuff be delivered?

It"s bad news if a mover tends to over promise on the estimate and the exact date of delivery. There are various and unexpected factors that would serve as a hindrance on not fulfilling the date. What you should expect is a window or time frame of when you would expect your belongings to arrive. Never trust any movers that will promise you anything that"s absurd.

How do you handle fragile and expensive items?

Again, this would a test of their experience and knowledge. A good moving company would always value the welfare of their customers as well their personal belongings. Let the movers explain the extra steps that they would do to ensure the safety of your beloved items. They would likely talk about the use of moving blankets, foam and other protective tools. Apart from that, they would be also happy to explain how to protect your floors, banisters and door homes that are delicate.

Do you have any recommendations or references to show?

Satisfied clients would always leave any good reviews to moving companies who do their job well. More happy customers mean that you have found the real deal. Nevertheless, if the company is just starting, try to ask about their recent achievements or tasks that have been a success.

Do you give any discounts or promotions?

Special rates or discounts are more likely to be available during the off-season. These would help your overall budget and get more from the service. Ask your prospect mover if they have any packages or promotions for your particular situation such as having few items to pack and move.



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