Construction Accident Attorneys Ortega, Florida

Construction accidents in Ortega, Florida injure or kill thousands of workers every year. Building site workers deal with danger every day, whether they are working on a single-room remodeling project for a homeowner or a large commercial development. The types of injuries one can sustain from these accidents include: amputations; blindness; deafness; broken bones, back; burns; coma; concussion; paralysis; severed spinal cord; Traumatic Brain Injury; and much more. Workers also face possible electrocution and health hazards like exposure to chemicals and asbestos when working with building materials and unfinished structures.

Even though construction sites are, by their very nature, dangerous places to work, that doesn’t clear your supervisors from their responsibility to keep employees safe. Under the OSHA regulations, employers have a number of obligations, including the obligation to offer a workplace free from hazards, establish a comprehensive hazard communication program, and ensure that employees have safe tools and equipment.

Construction Accident Attorneys in Ortega, Florida

Construction Accident Liability in Ortega, Florida

In Construction Site Law and Construction Accident Law, determining liability can become complicated because of the sheer number of persons involved in a particular construction project. Liability in a third-party construction injury lawsuit in Duval County, Florida may include the construction site owner, the general contractor, a sub-contractor, the manufacturer of faulty equipment and any other third-party that contributed to the injury due to negligence or gross misconduct.

Typically, a site owner has legal liability if an injury to a construction worker related to a potentially dangerous condition on the land that the owner knew about or should have known about. The contractor has a duty to make sure that all work is being performed safely and that any hazards inherent in the work duties being performed are made known to the employee. If a construction worker is injured by defective equipment or machinery, the device’s manufacturer can be liable for any injuries that occur.

Hiring Construction Accident Attorneys in Ortega, Florida

If you’ve been the tragic victim of an accident at a construction site, you surely don’t deserve to bear the additional pain that could come from navigating the swampy waters of legal compensation. There are a number of state and federal laws concerning personal injuries and construction sites, which may or may not be applicable in a given situation. Employees typically receive less payment in a workers’ compensation case than they would through a personal injury lawsuit carried out by an experienced attorney.

Working with a professional construction accident lawyer in Ortega, Florida can be a big help, especially when it comes to ensuring you will have enough money to pay your bills and adjusting your pay to reflect that you’ve earned lost wages from the injury.

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When to Hire a Construction Accident Attorney near Ortega?

Generally, it is always a good idea to hire a construction accident lawyer, within one to two weeks, after the accident. When you hire a construction accident attorney in Ortega, Florida 32210 to manage your claim, your legal team will get started right away diligently trying to find the answers that could make all the difference in your case results. A knowledgeable attorney with the proper resources, experience, and staff, can initiate an investigation as soon as possible as to how this happened and to locate all necessary third party defendants.

Aside from an everyday account of your health, keep employment and salary related records as proper documentation of lost earnings due to the accident. In a third-party claim, a party other than your employer may be responsible for paying for your pain and suffering and other losses not covered by workers" comp.

How to Prevent Construction Accidents in Ortega, Florida?

Although construction sites can sometimes be dangerous for workers, there are strategies that can be enacted to ensure injuries are kept to a minimum. Employers operating in physically demanding industries like construction can benefit from workplace physical ability testing programs, a safety measure that has been shown to reduce workplace injuries and the costs resulting from them, including workers" compensation costs.

A written health and safety policy should include the procedure for the particular situation and the name and location of a trained first aid responder. Employers with good safety records typically hold mandatory safety meetings at the start of each day to ensure safety is top-of-mind. Receiving feedback from employees detailing procedures that are working properly or improperly can also give managing staff insight into what needs to be changed or adjusted. Employers of the construction site should also make sure to employ qualified and certified mechanics to maintain the site’s machinery and electrical equipment.

Keep in mind, risks change as the construction project goes through different stages.