High-Quality Parts for Vans and Buses

Millions of people rely on transit buses to take them to work, school, doctor’s appointments and more. These vehicles log thousands of miles, and they need quality parts to keep them on the road for as long as possible. When it comes to choosing which bus parts to buy, fleet managers need to know when to go with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacements, remanufactured parts or aftermarket options.

In addition to a robust inventory of top-tier OEM and quality aftermarket components, ABC Parts Source(tm) offers a live customer call center and a user-friendly online store, which makes it easy to find the right parts for your vehicle. The site also lets users cross-reference by part number to find the best possible replacement parts for their specific needs.

Ultimately, choosing a midwest bus parts supplier that you can trust is essential. It means that you can feel comfortable asking them to recommend a specific kind of part or to explain why another option would be better for your vehicle’s needs. It’s also important that your parts supplier can get you the best quality parts in a reasonable time frame, especially when your bus is out of commission. This ensures that your passengers can continue to ride safely.

1. Passenger Vans:

Purpose: Passenger vans are versatile AC maintenance for commercial vehicles ideal for smaller groups, typically seating 8 to 15 passengers.
Usage: Commonly used for shuttle services, small group tours, airport transfers, and family trips.
Features: Provide ample seating with configurations for both passengers and cargo space.
2. Minibuses:

Capacity: Larger than passenger vans, minibuses accommodate approximately 20 to 30 passengers.
Suitability: Suitable for medium-sized tour groups, corporate transportation, and events requiring more seating.
Amenities: Offer enhanced comfort and often include air conditioning, luggage storage, and seating configurations.
3. Coach Buses:

Seating: Coach buses are large vehicles capable of seating 40 passengers or more.
Purpose: Preferred for large tour groups, long-distance travel, and luxury or executive tours.
Features: Provide spacious interiors, reclining seats, entertainment systems, lavatories, and storage compartments.
4. Sprinter Vans:

Versatility: Sprinter vans offer a blend of comfort and functionality for smaller groups.
Usage: Commonly used for executive travel, airport shuttles, luxury transportation, and customized conversions.
Features: Known for their versatility, they may include luxury seating, entertainment options, and efficient fuel consumption.
Considerations When Purchasing:

Capacity Requirements: Determine the number of passengers the vehicle needs to accommodate.
Amenities: Consider features like air conditioning, entertainment systems, storage space, and accessibility features.
Condition and Maintenance: Assess the vehicle’s condition, maintenance history, and mileage for reliability.
Manufacturer and Model: Different manufacturers offer varying quality, reliability, and customization options.

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