Lip Injections at EverYoung

Lip injections at EverYoung are one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures around. The popularity is not without reason. There are many advantages to this procedure, the most obvious being that you never have to leave the chair. It is safe and noninvasive. Injections can be made at a variety of locations, including the lips, chin, cheek, neck, breast and so forth.

Lips injections are also a kind of cosmetic procedure which aims to enhance lip fullness by enlarging lip tissue through the filling of fat, hyaluronic acid or other implants. This method is widely used by Hollywood movie stars who go under the knife in order to plump up their lips. A more permanent solution, however, is the use of injections on the lips, which can be more lasting and thus more effective. The fat that is used for lip injections contains collagen, which is used in the body to fill in small or hollow areas.

Before you decide whether to get lip injections or go for lip augmentation surgery, it is important to find a good doctor. Your choice will depend largely on whether you want to undergo the procedure as a means to plump up your lips or whether you want to use it as a more permanent solution. You can learn all about lip augmentation by reading the materials provided by your cosmetic surgeon at your consultation. Most doctors will sign a consent form prior to performing any surgical procedure. If you do not have one, you should request one from your doctor and insist on getting a copy.

According to cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rabach says, “lip injections can give you fuller lips, but if you do it too often you will look unnatural.” He recommends that women with fuller lips do not undergo lip injections because their lips will become swollen, which will make them less natural looking. On the other hand, women who want to decrease their chances of developing facial wrinkles or sagging skin around the neck should get dermal fillers, which are designed to fill in the lines around your mouth and neck. The most commonly used dermal filler is hyaluronic acid.

One of the most common complaints associated with lip injections is swelling and bruising, and because this is common after the surgery, you should expect some swelling and bruising following the procedure. Dr. Rabach recommends that you relax and take a cold shower soon after the lip injections were given, as this will minimize any swelling and bruising. He also says that the bruising will subside within two to three weeks, but you may need to take a painkiller for some time.

You can learn more about lip injections from your cosmetic surgeon, and you can also find out more about this popular cosmetic procedure on the internet. You can view photographs of patients who have had the procedure and you can ask questions of your cosmetic surgeon. Your lip injections may seem dramatic, but they are safe and painless. You’ll look thicker and plumper in just a few weeks, and you’ll feel more confident in your appearance.

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