Why You Need an IRS Tax Attorney Orange County

An IRS tax audit or other tax situation can be a daunting experience for an individual or a business. With the threat of losing assets, garnishing wages and imposing substantial penalties, you need a tax attorney in Orange County or Irvine that has the experience to help guide you through the process. Local IRS offices may offer basic help, but they cannot perform the expert advocacy that a skilled tax attorney can provide you. Contact a tax attorney today to get help with your complex IRS problems.

The IRS is one of the most powerful agencies in the world from an enforcement perspective. They are able to seize property, garnish wages, levy bank accounts and impose criminal prosecution in some cases. An experienced tax attorney can help you work with the IRS to resolve your issue in as little time as possible.

Individuals and businesses encounter IRS problems in a variety of ways, from the failure to file tax returns or pay taxes to alleged tax fraud or offshore bank accounts. The IRS selects tax returns for audit based on a number of criteria, including examining returns from similar taxpayers, reviewing a particular type of deduction or transaction, or analyzing new types of information reported by the taxpayer or other sources.

If you receive notice from the IRS that your return is selected for audit, it is important to consult a tax lawyer in Orange County immediately. A qualified tax attorney can assist you in preparing for the audit, making sure that all of your documentation is in order and representing you before the IRS examiners and/or appeals counsel.

Vic Abajian is a highly experienced IRS Tax Attorney Orange County with a practice that extends throughout Southern California. He can help you with a wide range of issues including resolving tax liens, releasing wage garnishments and resolving unfiled back taxes. He can also advise you if you are under investigation by the IRS for an offshore bank account or other tax crimes.

There are several common tools the IRS uses to collect money that is owed, including wage garnishments, tax liens and levies on bank accounts. These collection tools can be used against individuals and businesses of all sizes. Ignoring these tools can only lead to more stress and expense, so it is important to hire an experienced Orange County tax attorney to fight the IRS on your behalf.

A skilled tax attorney can assist you in getting a tax lien released, lowering your tax liability through an Offer In Compromise or obtaining CNC-Currently Non Collectible status with the IRS. He can also negotiate a repayment plan or installment agreement on your behalf. He can even represent you at an Appeals hearing before the IRS Office of Appeals if you are facing a CAP (Collection Appeals Program) hearing. He has helped many clients with all of these issues and more. He is a nationally recognized tax expert and has been featured on Fox Business News, TV One Access and KSRO-Newstalk 1350.

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